Stainless Spokes for BMW Tubeless and Conventional wheels


We have stainless steel spokes and stainless steel nipples for BMW tubeless wheels made for us in the UK. The nipples have 5mm hexagon heads and are made slightly longer than standard so they completely cover the thread on the spoke, giving the wheel a much neater appearance. Spokes and nipples are made of top quality, British made stainless steel and are brightly polished. We can now also offer heavy duty spokes, made from 4mm diameter, high tensile polished stainless wire with stainless nipples to suit. 
The BMW tubeless wheels are a unique design and cannot be trued in the conventional way. The rear wheels also need a special jig for trueing and for these reasons, most wheel-builders won't touch them!

We are able to offer a full wheel building and refurbishing service, Rims and hubs can be bead blasted, polished or powder coated, as required. We can also supply and fit new bearings and seals to your hubs. If you would like brand new wheels, we can supply these with our stainless spokes and nipples for about the same price as BMW charge for wheels with chrome spokes and zinc plated nipples (Please phone or email for new wheel prices).

For the R1200C Cruiser models with chrome plated rims, we can fit new conventional rims (which can be sealed for tubeless tyres) or we can have the chrome stripped off your original rims and then have them powder coated. We often have a reconditioned pair of these wheels in stock and can offer them on a part exchange basis.

BMW rims (both GS and Cruiser) are prone to corrosion and are often very pitted. If they are given a normal powder coated finish, it doesn't hide the pits and can even make them more noticeable. The powder coaters we use, have a special three-part process, which makes even the most corroded rims look good.

For the R nine T models, we can fit stainless steel spokes and seal the wheels for tubeless tyres. If your rims are tatty or damaged, we can replace them with Excel rims.

Prices (We are no longer VAT registered, so for retail customers, our prices are now cheaper)


Stainless spoke and nipple sets for tubeless wheels (Standard 3.5mm)                               £100.00

Heavy duty (4mm) Stainless spoke and nipple sets for tubeless wheels                               £120.00

Nipples only (If you already have stainless spokes )                                                              £65.00

Locking grub screws (per set of 40)                                                                                        £9.00

Stainless spoke sets with nickel-plated brass nipples for conventional type BMW wheels    £80.00


Dismantling old tubeless wheels (per wheel)


- Disc wheels                          £28.00

- Rear drum brake wheels      £33.00


(This may seem expensive just for removing the old spokes, but it is very rarely 'easy money'. The spokes get corroded into the rims and usually need to be carefully hammered out, one at a time. In the drum brake hubs, the nipples also get stuck in place and have to be hammered out or, in some cases, drilled out. If you can dismantle the wheels yourself, you will save money and we certainly won't complain!)

Wheel building and trueing (per wheel)


- Tubeless wheels        £75.00

- Conventional wheels  £60.00



Total price for refurbishing a pair of GS tubeless wheels (Includes dismantling old wheels, shot blasting and powder coating rims and hubs, new stainless spokes and nipples, wheelbuilding and trueing) - £740.00


Total price for refurbishing a pair of R1200C  tubeless wheels (Includes dismantling old wheels, stripping chrome, shot blasting and powder coating rims and hubs, new stainless spokes and nipples, wheelbuilding and trueing) - £820.00


R nine T – Respoke with stainless steel spokes - £150 per wheel. Seal for tubeless - £130 per wheel. (This price includes removing and re-fitting tyres and balancing)


UK Carriage (Up to 20Kg) - £24.00


All prices are now fully inclusive. We are no longer VAT registered, so prices are the same to all UK and overseas customers.